Healthy Eats for Modern Jetsetters

Staying healthy when you're constantly jetsetting can be a tough endeavor. All those tempting first class meals, airline lounge snacks, and free hotel breakfasts can throw off an otherwise healthy meal plan and schedule.

For us especially, after coming back from a trip and settling back home, we crave the routine of healthy meals available when we need them. That's where Snap Kitchen comes into play.

Snap Kitchen prepares delicious, portioned meals for a variety of diets and delivers them right to your doorstep. Avoid planning out menus, making time to cook, or waiting for a delivery from an app. With Snap Kitchen, fresh meals will be available at any time. Just remove them from your fridge and pop them in the microwave for a minute or two. 

You'll also have the flexibility of the number of meals you want to be delivered each week, and you can pause and re-start deliveries right from your smartphone, a great feature for those of us with unpredictable travel schedules. 

Ready to take the leap and sign up? Visit this link to make Wethrift your first stop, where you'll find a list of savings offers for Snap Kitchen and other retailers. After you found a great deal, order directly through Snap Kitchen and you'll be on a plan in no time.